Why Pyrolux?

The Pyrolux Difference

Fireworks are cool but we take it to the next level. Our pyromusicals are a sensory experience you can see, hear, and feel. The shows are synced with the beats of the music and fired electronically using special software. The high quality audio provides an added demsion not ususally experienced at a typical firework show. The time and effort that goes into planning each show to your liking is what makes our shows unique and more of an art form than a firework show. Experience it.

Safety First

Safety is always an essential part of any show done by Pyrolux. Every show is insured, supervised and shot by a licensed pyrotechnician. Our pyrotechnicians must pass off requirements for any show to be shot including distance from crowds, distance from buildings, dry or unkempt fields, wind, and employee safety.

We truly value the events that we put on, the cities we represent, and the fans of what we do. Nothing ruins the fun and enjoyment of any event more quickly than an accident. That is why we feel that a little extra precaution is never a bad thing.