Seriously this was the best chorographed show to music I have ever seen!!! AMAZING! -Suzanne S.

So glad we were able to attend last night's show. What a wonderful evening and one of the best (if not the best) fireworks show I have seen. -Barbara G.

When we were walking to our car, I heard a little boy say to his family "that was SO cool can we please come here again next year!" You truly make this such a fun, memorable family outing!! -Natalie T.

My kids and I enjoyed ourselves SO much! The musical entertainment and the pyromusical fireworks show was perfect! Great job! This will definitely be a yearly thing for us! -Mandy T.

Awesomest firework show I've ever seen. Way better then Stadium of Fire's -Sarah P.

Hands down best firework show I've ever seen!!! -Julia H.

The whole show was amazing. The last number was my favorite, especially the end. I loved the wide variety of fireworks you used. So many cool effects too. -Heather S.